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Our mission is to increase the number of people who care enough to take action by creating political events that are smart & fun, registering voters in unexpected places, and offering opportunities to experience politics at the local level.

#WTFwevote is inclusive, welcoming, and kind.

We expect everyone who participates to act like a decent human being


Each year, we choose one number to inspire and motivate our work. For 2017, our number is 118,513, which is 17% of all registered voters in Mecklenburg County. In 2015, local election turnout was 14.76% which is embarrassingly low. Let's see if we can reach 17% in 2017.


Our Story

Civic Engagement. Community Organizing. Politics. We don't care what you call participation. We are small, but fierce, team of people working to increase the number of people who care enough to take action. It's worth repeating:

People who care enough to take action.

Our goal is to increase voter participation through non-partisan community engagement. We chose voting as the primary action because it is widely-available, and we can measure participation fairly. To increase voter participation, we register voters at unexpected places, tweet about local politics, and create events that re-imagine political engagement in fun ways. 

In 2014, we set a goal of 40 under 40. Our goal was to have 40% of millennial voters participate in the 2014 election in Charlotte. Actual turnout for millennials was 21.3%. We have a long way to go. We discussed changing our goal because it doesn't look good to miss by so much. 

But that's the point. It is bad that we, as a generation, missed by so much. So, we're keeping this goal until it's time to move it from 40% to 60%, then to 80%, and maybe one day, to 100% turnout for our generation.